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Best Selfie Camera Phone Company in VIVO, OPPO, Gionee & Xiaomi

Best Selfie Camera Phone Company in VIVO, OPPO, Gionee & Xiaomi: There’s a ‘selfie battle’ raging between the Vivo V5, Oppo F1s, and the Gionee S6s now. After having reviewed all three smartphones, we are now in a better position to pick a concrete winner across departments and of course, an overall winner that stands out as a complete package.

The Review of Vivo V5 is the newest competitor in the mid-range part that goes up against existing selfie-focused phones such as the Gionee S6s (Review), and the Oppo F1s (Review). All three phones are available at around the Rs. 18,000 mark.

Best Selfie Camera Phone Company in VIVO, OPPO, Gionee & Xiaomi

Camera Analysis VIVO, OPPO, Gionee & Xiaomi

The camera is an important segment of these phones’ repertoire, especially the front-facing ‘selfie’ camera. As per testing the Oppo F1s to have the best set of cameras among the rest. The front 16- megapixel camera captures highly detailed images in good lighting and it’s also good in low-light too.

Due to the brighter display but isn’t very powerful for pitch dark conditions. In this situation, the Vivo V5’s ‘moonlight glow’ is the most effective, which projects a constants beam of diffused light.

The reason we have gone with the F1s in this category is because of its very competent rear camera, something which both Vivo and Gionee seem to have neglected. Armed with a 13-megapixel sensor just like the Gionee S6s and Vivo V5, the Oppo F1s controls sharp and well-detailed stills and macros in daylight. Low light shots experience from the noise a bit but it’s still well under control and not enough to damage the overall image.

The Vivo V5 is currently the most costly of the three and while it does have a minor advantage in the performance division, it lags behind the other two in fairly much everything else. Having said that, Among the three, the Vivo V5 has the most reliable setup for the selfie display, which is more of a fill-up light than an actual flash.

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