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How to Propose a Girl Without Rose | Awesome Proposal Ideas

How to Propose a Girl Without Rose | Awesome Proposal Ideas: If you met your dream girl, whom you truly and madly in love with her and you cannot wait to blow up questions, if the situation you find yourself, Then you absolutely land the right page is written for you.  Most of the girls are not like the common way to proposing with red rose Though, don’t try to such old way to proposing, here you can get a lot of amazing ways of proposed to your dream girl, which hope you find one that you can recreate and get a positive response from your girl.

How to Propose a Girl Without Rose | Awesome Proposal Ideas

  1. A Meal in her favorite restaurant could be a great place to propose, a place where she feels more comfortable and keeps good memories for you both.
  2. If you met her first time in a good place then it also a good idea to propose that place, this is a sure way to win her heart.
  3. If it is her birthday, then show your feeling to her through birthday card n gift, because the birthday is time to look forward to what is yet to come so she will definitely say yes.
  4. Go out for special nights dancing and ask the DJ to pass you the mic so that you can dedicate romantic song and propose to her in the dance floor.
  5. If she loves to listen to FM radio at the certain time daily. Call to the radio station, one you know she will be tuning too, tell your feelings by dedicated her favorite romantic song .
  6. Another best way to propose that, Arrange hosting a dinner for family and friends, surprise them and surprise her by proposing her.
  7. On the days Feb 14, Valentine Day cards card with a message written what you feels, inside around the house. Then on Valentine Day, existing them with a box of sweets and teddy bear.

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