PK Movie Trailer,Music and cast full review

A most waited Bollywood film in 2014 of mr perfectionist Amir Khan PK is going to hit the theaters of on 19th December 2014 worldwide.PK Movie promo trailer and first look poster has been released on internet and youtube couples of day ago.Movie first poster go viral on the internet and social media sites due to controversial pose of amir khan in the poster but 2nd and 3rd poster of the the Rajkumar hirani film’s PK is good and impressive as per the movie expectation.PK Movie Trailer,Music and cast full review

This movie is also a multi star-cast movie in the of amir khan like super duper hit 3 idiots (2009).Amir is saying that is the very different type of movie in his career till now and audiences must like this movie with family in the cinema theaters.

Movie first song “Tharki Chokro” has been release on internet.Song full HD video featuring Amir khan and Sanjay Dutt is also released on youtube a week ago.Now have a look on the Tharki Chokro first Song Video from movie PK.

Star-cast Review of Movie PK

In the movie Amir khan is playing the male lead role in the character of PK.All the amir fans are excited to see the amir khan in the get up of PK (which is doing some type of nonsense thing in the movie).Anushka Sharma is lead female artist in the movie and the partner of amir khan.Sanjay dutt is playing the role of Bhairo singh and he is in the tradition rajsthani get up.Now we all are waiting for the most demanding PK movie release in theaters.

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