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Who is Sonam Gupta ? And Why She is Bewafa

Who is Sonam Gupta ? And Why She is Bewafa (Trending on internet): Still unknown for the Internet but trending on the entire social media platforms in these day. Everyone have a question in their mind “who is sonam gupta ? and why she is trending on internet. Sonam gupta is an unknown face for internet and her name has spread on internet by her lover (sonveer singh). First of all her boyfriend wrote her name with bewafa word (Sonam gupta bewafa hai) on a ten rupee paper note and uploaded it on facebook and after few days sonam gupta replied this on 20 rupee paper note by writing “I am not bewafa sonveer singh, I m still yours” and she also uploaded it on facebook.


But “sonam gupta bewafa hain” social chat on note gone viral after 500/1000 currency ban by prime minister narendra modi. Now sonam gupta’s lover sonveer singh wrote her name on recently released 2000 rupee note and upload to all social channel like facebook, twiiter, instagram. Even google india told that “sonam gupta bewafa hai” keyword is in top 10 search keyword list in this week. But still everyone wants to now about this mystery about sonam gupta love story.

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